I am proud of my continued association with MCF “IMON” which included helping to develop and manage its loan operations in its beginning to participating as an active and engaged member of its board of directors currently. Since its earliest inception in 1999, IMON MCF has developed a lot over the years and has transformed several times. But one thing always remains constant, its commitment to improving the quality of life of t he people of Tajikistan especially women.

MCF “IMON” has strived to achieve this commitment through its own lending products disbursing 140 loans, totaling 4 825 000 TJS over the last 2 years. In addition, as a majority shareholder, to working together and collaborating with MDO “IMON INTERNATIONAL” for the economic development and social progress of Tajikistan.

As MCF “IMON” continues to evolve, improve and refine its operations to better serve its clients, I would like to express my gratitude to its staff, my fellow board members, collaborating partners, and stakeholders for all their support and guidance. In 2017 MCF “IMON” looks forward to further realizing its potential for the betterment of Tajikistan.