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      О НАС

The history of MCF “IMON” began in 1999, when the National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan, in partnership with Mercy Corps launched the Program “Microloans in Tajikistan” and for the first time adapted to the needs of Tajikistan market the methods that had been proven in other countries. During years of active operations in Tajikistan, this program has proved its sustainability and success. In 2005 the founders of MCF “IMON” decided to establish a non-profit organization and transfer all the operations associated with entrepreneurship support in Tajikistan to it.
In order to expand the regions of its activity, increase the number of its clients and the necessity to create a legal basis for attracting foreign investments, in 2008 the founders of the Fund decided to create a commercial Micro-lending organization “IMON INTERNATIONAL”. After the successful transformation process, the new Organization began its operational activities on July 1, 2008. In 2013, the Organization was transformed into a Microcredit deposit organization, and nowadays it is the leading financial institution in the country.
Today, the Fund is a non-profit microcredit organization that operates based on a license issued in 2005 by the National Bank of Tajikistan. The activity of the Fund is aimed at supporting and promoting the development of microentrepreneurship in Tajikistan by providing access to financial resources to entrepreneurs who do not have access to traditional bank loans.
The Fund owes its results to competent and committed employees, a strong organizational culture, a thoroughly developed technology for working with loans, as well as a combination of international experience and good knowledge of the domestic market.
The founders of the Foundation are the National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan, a non-profit public organization with a republican status, and Mercy Corps – international organization for support and development.

     Наша Миссия

The mission of the Fund is  – contributing to poverty reduction and improving the level of life in Tajikistan. The Fund’s activity is aimed at developing of small and medium-sized businesses and creating jobs in Tajikistan. The Fund achieves its goals through providing of financial, educational and advisory services.

     Наша Цель

Goals of the Fund – disbursement of microcredits; conducting trainings and business consultations; assistance in the development of clients’ business.