The Fund's mission

- is to help reduce poverty and improve the level of living of the population by providing the most modern financial, educational and consulting services that contribute to the sustainable development and economic progress of our clients.

The main objectives of the Fund

Improving the quality of life of people, promoting job creation, economic and social development of the population of Tajikistan
Providing a positive economic and social impact on the targeted population groups
Dedication to high quality customer service and commitment to the highest ethical standards
Promotion of digital finance by providing online lending
Promotion of financial inclusion by increasing financial literacy of the population
Support and empowerment of youth and women entrepreneurs through social microcredit projects
Development of new Islamic banking products with strong customer potential and development of this type of financing in various regions of Tajikistan

Directions of the Fund's activities

Providing the Fund's clients with high-quality, affordable and in-demand financial and non-financial services, including for vulnerable segments of the population, which contributes to the expansion of financial inclusion of young people, women and small businesses in the RT.
Digital transformation (technologization) of the operational process to achieve maximum efficiency in the provision of products and services. With this aim, appropriate technologies have been introduced for loan servicing, which results in the use of remote lending services by our clients (without visiting the office).
Introduction of innovations and leadership in the promotion of Islamic finance in the RT.